Safety in the storage industry: Working towards zero harm

SEMA conference and exhibition – Thursday 6 November 2014

Looking forward to the next conference and exhibition particular presentations that are of interest are:
Damage to storage equipment – we cause it, you fix it. Issues to be raised in the presentation include why damage is caused, the presentation will question the equipment used, how it is used and will look at how we can take preventative measures by ensuring the correct equipment is used for a particular application and what can be expected of those operating the equipment.

The responsibilities of the end user. The law is clear when it comes to storage racks and the user must have a safe system of work. This presentation will look at the responsibilities placed on the user and the considerations that should be given to enable the user to demonstrate a safe system of work is in place.

Attendance at this one day conference contributes to the Racking Inspectors CPD in line with SEMA regulations as an approved inspector.


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    Have I read your article right, does this mean that a written ‘safe system of work’ must be in place at each workplace where racking is being used?

    Is a ‘safe system of work’ required for each separate set of racking or just one SSW for multiple sets of racking under one roof?

    Do you have an example of a SSW for this to show me?


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      Hi Ian

      Thanks for the interest in my blog

      The answer to your first question is yes I would say that the end user does require a SSW for pallet racking, one should cover the whole warehouse though.

      I shall add comments after the 6th November.

      I shall forward a SSW for your viewing.

      Kind Regards

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      First of all may I apologise for the delay In my response.

      the answer to your question is to ensure that you have a procedure in place ie a reporting mechanism for damaged racking.

      you should nominate an responsible person for this job, who can inform senior management of the damage.

      kind regards

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